How it Works

Collect Now with the power of an attorney on your side.
laywer-1 EASY ACCOUNT SETUP Create a FREE user account on Collect Now or use your
existing LinkedIn account to sign up
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laywer-2 NO COSTS FOR BUSINESSES There are no costs to join and no monthly subscrip-
tions. It is completely FREE for businesses to use
the Collect Now platform
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laywer-3 SYNC WITH ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE You can enter claims manually or sync with
QuickBooks® to import your overdue
accounts receivable
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laywer-4 SUBMIT CLAIMS Post overdue claims to the Collect Now mar-
ketplace (e.g. invoices, loans, unpaid rent, etc.)
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link-chain-4 laywer-3 EMAILS TO MATCHING LAWYERS We’ll automatically email lawyers that may be
a fit for handling your claims to increase the
chances of finding a perfect match
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SEND REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS If you’ve worked with a lawyer in the past, you can send the lawyer
a private request to handle your new claims
EASY-TO-USE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM You can use the Collect Now platform to message, share files, and
communicate with the lawyers who are interested in handling
your claims
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link-chain-5 laywer-3 LAWYERS SUBMIT PROPOSALS Lawyers can then view the claim packages
you have posted and submit proposals for
handling your claims
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laywer-3 YOU CHOOSE THE WINNING PROPOSAL After reviewing the proposals submitted by the
lawyers, you select which lawyer you would
like to work with
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It’s Time to Collect Now

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